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Hubei Dongfanghong Grain Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Add: Liangjibei Road, Anlu, Hubei, China

Tel: +86-712-5233130, 5222310, 5222317

Fax: +86-712-5224454

E-mail: hbdfhlj@163.com

Url: http://www.misswh.com

Group Profile

Junma Group is a group company integrated of automobile trade, real estate development, cotton textile and trade, garment manufacturing and grain machinery manufacturing. It was founded in 1996 by Yu Chuhua, our president. And it has been developed into a multi-industrial and cross-regional enterprise.

Junma Group has 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries, including, Hubei Junma Trade Co., Ltd., Hubei Global Properties Co., Ltd., Hubei Anmian Textile Co., Ltd., Hubei Anmian Garment Co., Ltd., Hubei Dongfanghong Grain Machinery Limited Liability Company, and Hubei Huajun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. In addition, it has branch offices in overseas regions, for example, in Indonesia and Malaysia.


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